INFANTS' VEST, SHIRTS, SHORTS, PANTS, TIE AND POCKET SQUARE: Lined vest has welts shown with pocket square. Shirts have collar, collar band, forward shoulder seams, no shoulder seams, mock front band and shaped hemline. C: sleeves with button pleat. Shorts and pants have elastic waist. Tie has neck band with Velcro® closure. Sleeves B, C and hem D: stitched hems. E: cuffs. B, C and G: narrow hem. Designed for lightweight woven fabrics. SUGGESTED FABRICS: A,D,E: Poplin, Linen, Gabardine and Satin. B,C: Shirting and Broadcloth. F,G: Satin. NOTIONS: A: Four 1/2" Buttons. B,C: 3/8" Buttons: Five for B and Seven for C. D,E: 1/2 yd of 1/2" Elastic. F: One 3/4"x 1/2" VELCRO®. * With Nap **Without Nap ***With or Without Nap Combinations: YA5(Newborn-Small-Medium-Large-XLarge)
Fabric widths given in inches. SIZESNBSMLXL A 45",60"***3/83/83/81/21/2yd FUSIBLE INTERFACING A 18",20"3/83/83/83/83/8yd LINING A 45"3/83/83/81/21/2yd B 45"**7/87/87/87/87/8yd 60"**5/85/85/85/85/8yd C 45"**7/87/87/87/87/8yd 60"**3/43/43/47/87/8yd FUSIBLE INTERFACING B,C 18",20"1/21/21/21/21/2yd D 45",60"***3/83/83/81/21/2yd E 45",60"***5/85/85/83/43/4yd F 45",60"*1/21/21/21/21/2yd POCKET SQUARE G - 41/2" x 41/4" Satin
Fabric widths given in centimeters. SIZESNBSMLXL A 115cm,150cm*** FUSIBLE INTERFACING A 46cm,51cm0. LINING A 115cm0. B 115cm** 150cm** C 115cm** 150cm** FUSIBLE INTERFACING B,C 46cm,51cm0. D 115cm,150cm*** E 115cm,150cm*** F 115cm,150cm* POCKET SQUARE G - 11cm x 11cm Satin